Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Summer is Right Around the Corner!

I'm so excited to be done with another semester of college.
I have one exam left on Thursday and I'm freeee!
At least until August 22nd when classes start back up.
But I am excited for that too!!!

You see, after next semester I can graduate with my Associates in Generals.
I know that's not super impressive or anything, but I'm still excited.
I want to graduate and get a better paying job so I can support myself (and possibly baby girl)!

I'm enrolled for my last few needed credits but it only comes out to 10 and I would like 12 credits so I can be full time and get some extra money from grants and stuff :)
Free money for school? Yes please.
So I am currently debating on whether I should take an online, easy class I can put down as an elective or something.
I would take something at the campus, but my schedule for next semester is stinky already.
Bring it on, 8 AM-1:15 PM on Mondays and Wednesday and 8-9:50 AM on Fridays!
Okay It's actually a pretty good schedule but for the last year and a half my classes have started at 9 or 10.
I'm not looking forward to waking up. Nope.
But at least I'd be waking up at the same time as my siblings to go to school.
Unless, of course, I am moved out. Which I most likely will be this summer.

Oh, I didn't tell you? My b.

I am possibly moving out very soon. IF I can find a job.
My mother has a wonderful friend who is letting me rent a little 2 bedroom house from them for pretty cheap.
I just need a roommate!!


Now I just need a job...
which is difficult since I'm due in June -_-

Baby Update:
Gained a pound in two weeks.
Gaaah. Bring on the baby weight.
Baby girl also likes to be up in my ribs ALL THE TIME.
It's not very comfortable.
But whatever.
6 more weeks and she's outta there.

Weird...6 weeks. Or maybe even less depending on what she feels like.
It doesn't feel real.

EX Update:
Still no word. Which has it's pro's and it's con's. But hey, whatever.

Couple Update:
We have become such good friends! I e-mail them all the time and occasionally we text too. But our conversations tend to be lengthy, so e-mail works best.
We are even friends on Face Book.
And you know what they say about that...

"If it ain't FB official, it ain't official at all!"

I love The Couple sooo incredibly much and I am so thankful to be friends with them. They understand how difficult things are for me and although I know they long for a baby of their own, they will love me no matter what I end up choosing.

It's nice to have people in my life who genuinely care for me.
Like you readers :)

I have gotten such love and support from you guys, and some of you I don't even know!!
Words cannot express how thankful I am for you.

Awh, here I go gettin' all teary-eyed and mushy.

Excuse me while I go try and clear my mind and make a yummy lunch-time snack.

One Love,


  1. suuuummmmer!!!! i wish i could be your roommate, but i don't want to be anyone's roommate ever again until i'm married. :) haha, i just don't like paying for things! i love you baby girl, i hope everything works out!

  2. I'm so glad you like the couple! That has got to feel really nice. :)