Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I have so many questions on my mind lately.

It seems like they never stop.

It's exhausting.

But, the worst part of all is asking the same question over and over again...

Did I make a mistake by not getting back together with him??

Everything would have been paid for.
A house.
A car.
My credit card bill.

Now I sit here...alone and heartbroken.
Wondering "What if..."


  1. Hannah babe. You are a strong woman. You do not need him. Things will be hard, but you will be so much happier without him. You have support coming at you from every side except his. I love you woman.

  2. Hannah baby- all of that may be have made things "easier" and "better" for the moment.. but think of the long run, he may pay for all that but in between all of that, he may treat you just as bad as he has been or even worse. Just stay close to the Lord and ask Heavenly Father, you will get the answer on whether or not it's the right thing to not be with him. You will be comforted. Just like your friend said, You are a strong woman, you do NOT need him!! You will only be brought down spiritually, mentionally and emotionally. Hang in there, Prayers are being poured out to you. You are very much loved by me, your heavenly father and a whole lot of other people. <3