Sunday, March 6, 2011

Getting to Know You...

Yes, I finally gave in to the peer pressure of my dearest pal, Brittany, and created a real blog! I still think I will post more on my Tumblr account, but that's only because I am a very random individual who likes to post pictures of odd things :)

Anyways, here is just a little about myself so you readers know I am a real person and not some creepy computer or anything. (You never know! hahahaa)

1.) Born & raised in probably the most uninteresting little suburb in the world, but I love it here anyways. I want to see the world and live in places like San Francisco or Seattle, but I know I will always call this little patch of desert my home.
2.) Currently attending College and trying to get into the Dental Hygiene Program! I'm super excited about this, you have no idea. I've always had a thing for teeth and smiles, and making this into a career makes me super happy!
3.) I am a nerd. Plain and simple. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, you name it. I love it. If you look at my posts on tumblr, you will get a glimpse of my nerdyness.
[side note: want to know my favorite Christmas present this past year? Darth Vader PJ Shorts. No joke. Thank youu, little sister <3 !!]
4.) I LOVE: reading, playing the piano, singing, dancing like a fool, my friends, my family, my puppy dog, cooking, eating, random thoughts, all things Star Wars and Harry Potter [I know I previously stated my love of these two things, but I find that repetition tends to help people understand that I really, really do love these things], and movies [such as anything: Disney, Adam Sandler, Musicals, 70's-90's era...the list goes on and on. Basically, movies are awesome].
5.) Last but not least, (if you haven't figured out from my blog name) I'm pregnant! This is actually my way of "telling the world" since I haven't really told anyone outside of my family and a few friends! Pretty exciting (and unexpected), huh!?

It is for this reason that I decided to start a blog. I tried to start a journal about all of my pregnant adventures when I first found out I was expecting, but I am absolutely horrible about writing in a journal. So, I figured that since I am so Internet addicted it might be easier to write in a blog about everything than in an actual journal.

Okay, That's all for now. I'll try to post more tomorrow about all the juicy little details of life as a single, lds preggo mama since I know you are all so interested, haha! If there are any questions or anything you would really like to know just ask and I'll be sure to include the answer in a future post :)

Have a wonderful day, blogging world!


  1. hannah!! i love you girl. i'm so proud of you. you crack me up!! :D

  2. Way to make a sweet blog, girl :)