Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just A Quick Update

I am now 38 1/2 weeks.
I am slowly getting more and more uncomfortable and the bathroom has become the room I spend most of my time in.
Helloooooo small bladder with a baby pushing on it constantly.
I wake up like 5 or 6 times during the night.
It's not too bad, actually.
I can live with this for a little bit longer.

Monday was my mom's birthday :)
She told my Dad to not throw her a party.
Too bad she didn't tell me that!!

I called up the family and had them meet us at her favorite place for dinner
Chevy's :)

She was so surprised! It was awesome.

I didn't get any pictures from the party, but I snapped a shot of me after we got home.

I look pretty dang good for 38 weeks, if I do say so myself!!

I can't believe Baby Girl is going to be here soon.
It's so weird.

I went shopping with Stacy (adoptive mommy) yesterday and we had a blast looking at clothes and getting some stuff.
It was both of ours first time looking at baby stuff and shopping.
We literally wanted to get everything we saw.
It was so much fun and I love spending time with her!
I can't wait to go shopping with her more after Baby is born.
We have decided to become shopping buddies, and I simply cannot WAIT to go shopping for more things :)

We've talked a little more with my mother about the Hospital, and although Stacy and I are nervous we both know everything will be alright.
We are just so anxious!
But, I am doing my best to not go into labor this weekend, since The Couple will be out of town Thursday and Friday.

So, I shall lay on the couch and be spoiled rotten by my family.
Sounds like a good plan, huh?


  1. Haha! Yay for birthday surprises! And ya, you do look good! Real good!

  2. Sounds awesome! Can't wait to hear how everything goes. I'm so happy for you.