Monday, June 20, 2011

June 14th

Before we get to the amazing day where Madden was born, we need to discuss the day prior. June 14th....

While driving to my Doctors appointment with my mother (On Tuesday) we began talking about possibly inducing me on Thursday in order to make sure that my Doctor would be there since he was going out of town Friday afternoon and would be gone until Wednesday. Since I was due on Monday, you can see the problem and why we were discussing having me induced.

I was a nervous wreck inside.
I didn't want to go into labor just yet.
But mostly, I just wanted to have more time with my little girl...

At my appointment my Doctor checked my cervix and told me I was dilated "a finger tip"
We then talked a little about when my doctor would be gone.
He checked me again (a little more forcefully I think) and told me I was dilated 1 cm.
I was asked if I wanted my membranes stripped.
For those of you who don't know, that just loosens up everything and usually starts labor within 24 hours.
I declined and said I wasn't worried about going into labor without him there.
In my mind, I still had plenty of time.
I could see the worry on my mom's face, but she just went with it.

After that we went to Walmart to get a few things.
While walking around the store I finally started feeling pregnant.
My back was sore, I was cramping, my ankles hurt..
It was the oddest thing!

My cramps would not go away, so when I got home my mother gave me some tylenol and told me that if what I was experiencing was cramps that they would go away.
And if the cramping didn't go away....well then I was in labor.
She then walked out the door and went to work.
Yikes, right?

The cramping went down, but not by much.
I then got up off the couch where I was curled up in a ball and made dinner.
Homemade spaghetti, sauce with hamburger meat, and garlic bread with oregano.
(Yes, I cooked dinner all by myself while my body was preparing for labor.)

After dinner was cooked I collapsed on the couch very sore and tender.
I texted my mother, and decided it was time to pack my hospital bag since my due date was a few days away.
Thank goodness I did that.

I then crawled into bed, and passed out.


  1. Eek! I'm so excited for the story! I love the pre story! Way to cook and be in labor at the same time! ha!!!!

  2. I am also so excited for the story! child birth fascinates me. and scares the shiz out of me..haha

  3. giiiiirl, way to leave us all on a cliff hanger!