Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 15th Part 1: Labor

I woke up at 3 AM, as usual, and went to the bathroom.
A few minutes after I crawled back into bed, I noticed I had to pee again.
So, I got up, went to the bathroom again and thought to myself
"This is weird...."
There was fluid that wouldn't stop.
"Have I finally lost the ability to control my bladder?
Or has my water broke??"

I waddled quickly back to my room, turned on the light, grabbed my lap top and attempted to sit down on my bed.
Cue gush of fluid.
Grabbed my phone, continued to Google "how to tell if your water has broke", and waddled back to the bathroom.
It was now 3:30 AM
Yes, dear readers. I Googled.
And then texted my mom,
"Don't mean to scare you, but how can you tell if your water broke?"
A few short seconds later and a click on a link found on Google, my phone rang.
It was confirmed.
My water had broken.

I went to wake up my dad, and found that he was up and getting dressed.
He told me later that he just "knew".
I grabbed a few last minute items, and the contractions started. We rushed out the door.

The light had turned red in front of us, and my dad turned into the Circle K.
Dad- "I'm going to grab some ice okay?"
Me-"Nope. Keep going.*cue contractions*"
Turned out the other side of the parking lot and made the green light.
Typical dad.

Driving to the hospital and having contractions was not fun.
I did my best to breathe through them and focus on something else.
But all I could think about was
"dang this hurts." and "are we there yet?"
Thankfully my dad grabbed a ziplock bag on our way out.
I needed it.
I only threw up once, but I had a contraction while throwing up.
Awkward feeling.

We pulled up to the hospital and I waddled as quickly as I could into registration.
It was 4:20 AM.
My mother met us while I was filing out paperwork and helped me into Triage where they would determine if my water had actually broke and I was in labor.
As soon as my mother helped me into the room, I went straight for the bathroom and threw up again.
Now, I am a violent barfer. Everyone in Triage could hear me. It was not fun.

My mother was still clocked in at work, so she couldn't stay long with me.
That was the worst part.
Knowing my mother was there, and couldn't be with me.
It made everything so much more stressful.
After a few minutes she couldn't take it anymore and was able to clock out and come be with me.
She held my hand as the contractions increased and grew more painful.
It was around this time that my hands started to shake. Not too forcefully, but it was noticeable.

My cervix was checked and I was 2 cm.
My water had definitely broken, and the fluid kept on coming.
I was admitted to the hospital, and taken to my room where I would deliver.
I then called The Couple, and it was 5 AM.
Luckily they had just been getting up to start their day!
We had plans to go to lunch and get pedicures that day....
but instead I went into labor!
Great fun.

In my room my contractions kept coming and it hurt really freaking bad.
I held my mothers hand, and I waited for that blessed epidural.
My mother suggested a walking epidural, which would numb me up, but still allow me to be up and walking around.
Best. Idea. Ever.
I hate needles, but I will take that single needle over contractions any day.
The contraction pain disappeared.
I was back to my normal self when The Couple showed up.
We were all excited, in shock, and smiling.

The shakes continued, and increased dramatically. It was the only reaction from my body that reminded me that I was in labor. Those meds were dang good.

6 AM my cervix was checked again.
I was 4 cm.
30 mins later, the walking epidural was starting to wear off.
7 am, I was 6 cm.
Bring on the real epidural!!
My legs went completely numb.
I mean they were GONE.
I could still move them, but needed a little help.
The shakes were pretty bad by this time. But it didn't bother me. They were pretty much constant by this time.
I mostly just laughed about it and compared myself to my Grandma Cole.
Plus shakes are a natural response and signals that your body is transitioning to have the baby.

I got a cool tip around this time from my nurse, Beth.
When the shakes get bad and start to bug you, Look Upwards.
Sounds crazy, right?

Still happy and not feeling any pain at all, I tried to get some rest.
Unfortunately, I couldn't sleep.
Time passed, and The Couple went and grabbed some breakfast while my mother and I relaxed in the room.
I wanted to eat something by this time, but wasn't allowed. So I stuck with the gourmet ice chips.
Love those. I must have had at least 8 cups of just those ice chips.
It much have been entertaining to watch me with my shakes trying to eat those ice chips.

9:30 AM rolls around, and I am checked one last time.
9 3/4 cm!
A few more minutes and I can start pushing.
I'm nervous, but excited.
I text The Couple and they rushed back into my room.

10:15 AM time to start pushing.
The couple sat by my head, and my mother and my nurse were at my waist helping me.
I couldn't tell when I was having a contraction, so my nurse and my mother would look at the monitor, tell me I was having a contraction, help me pull up my legs, and tell me to push.

One, two, three, four, five.
Breathe, push.
Repeat 4 times. Sometimes five.

I couldn't tell if I was making any process, but my mother and nurse both said I was doing great and I could hear the joy in their voices as they were counting.
So I went with it.

Honestly....I felt like I was just pooping. Hahahha
Madden's head was in my pelvis, and there was just a lot of pressure down there.
I feel no shame in telling you guys that it felt like I was pooping. I think it's funny.

Doctor Beck comes in around 10:30, I think.
I'm not completely sure..but hey, I was kinda occupied.

10:44 AM
30 minutes after I started pushing, little Madden made her entrance into this world.
I will forever remember and love this time of the day.
Madden Rae was born and everyone was crying.
Except her.
She cried very little.
I was sorta worried!
But when she was put on my chest I was so over come with love for this beautiful little girl.
My mother rubbed her back forcefully and she cried a little bit more.
But not much.
She was very relaxed and awake. She was looking around and everything.

She was then taken to get her weight and all that stuff.

Justin went with them and got to put on her first diaper.

Stacy held my hand we both cried a little.
It was such a happy moment in all of our lives.

This little girl was completely perfect and we all loved her right away.

My mother gave Madden her first bath. She whined a little, but still no major crying!
We referred to her as our "Chill Baby".

So, 6 hours of labor.
30 minutes of pushing.
No complications.
I expect some people are envious of me right about now.

I can't look back at this experience without crying.
Words cannot express my feelings for this little girl.
She is absolutely perfect in every way.

What to expect for my future posts (since I already started writing them, it just takes time.)

*"June 15th Part 2:Postpartum"
Should be up soon, I just need to write some more and add the pictures of some visitors.
*Leaving The Hospital/First Night
*Friday, June 17th
*Saturday, June 18th: Adoption
*Father's Day


  1. this story and these pictures make me want to cry...your story makes me really think about my adoption and if my birth mother loved me as much as you love your little girl. you're amazing <3

  2. I will admit that I ALMOST got teary eyed there at the end and I may or may not have laughed out loud when you said "it just felt like I was pooping". I've always wondered how it would be. haha!

  3. I came across your blog through a friends blog and how ironic that I know Heidi whom posted a comment. Your story touched me. I was 16 when I got pregnant with my first. If you ever want to talk I would love to hear more about your story. Truly inspiring and it made me cry!

  4. I loved this post and you made me so excited for your future posts! Can't wait. I'm so happy for you. Your little baby is so lucky to have that many people that love her!

  5. Hannah this is so exciting to read! Post more!! :)