Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I need to vent.

Okay I am just way too stressed out right now. School is seriously so overwhelming. I've never had this much homework and studying before. Ever. I seriously do not know how to manage it. Then on top of the homework I have to worry about paying for school. Usually it's not a big deal because I get grants and stuff but this year I couldn't file for help from FAFSA at all. So I'm paying out of my savings account and I'm down to my last $100 and I'm on a payment plan for school where I pay a part of the money I owe for school at the beginning of every month....My parents said they would pay the tuition and then I'd only have to pay for books so I wasn't stressed at all in the beginning. But now my parents can't pay this payment and I'm freaking out. I would have been fine to pay it all on my own but I used so much money on books this semester that now I can't afford it. I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm seriously so stressed out. I'm cancelling basically every fun thing I had planned this week just to make sure I get my homework done so I can drive my sister up to Snowflake this weekend. For example I was supposed to go to Birthmother Pamper Night with Stacy tomorrow night and now I'm just so overwhelmed and freaking out about school and my lack of money that I just texted her and told her that I can't go anymore. I mean, I was kinda iffy about it in the first place but I was so excited to just hang out with Stacy. Now I can't even imagine leaving the house for fear of falling behind in my classes or having a melt down and just crying in public. And I feel like crap for cancelling on her. I need to get a freaking job but I don't have any time and I doubt I could even balance school AND work. I don't know what to do anymore. Oh, and to top it all off all this stress is just making me miss Madden and feel crappy about everything. Great. Thanks life. Stupid money and stupid school...


  1. oh dear! I just want to hug you and tell you to breathe! I'm sorry you're so stressed about school and finances about EVERYTHING! Remember some times the most productive thing to do is sleep! make sure you're getting enough sleep! It'll hopefully make you feel less stressed and be able to focus! Sometimes when i'm so stressed i can't take it i just go to bed and start again the next day refreshed! good luck :)

  2. I hate how our world revolves around money :( I don't have any solution for you right now though because I don't even know how I work full time AND go to school full time! All I can say is just focus on your studies. You may have to drop your classes if you can't pay for them, but at least when you take them again you will know exactly what's going on and it'll make your stress load a heck of a lot easier!

  3. I think the total for the semester is like, 940 and every month till the end of the semester is a little less than 300? I try not to think about it hahaha