Tuesday, July 12, 2011

June 15th Part Two: Postpartum

This definitely wasn't how I expected my Wednesday to go.
I was SUPPOSED to go to lunch with Justin and Stacy at Chevy's (yumm) and then Stacy and I were going to go get pedicures!

But, I guess Madden had other plans.
The little stinker.

I immediately had visitors.

My dad was the first one to come in.
He was in the waiting room during delivery.
He held her and I could just feel his love for her.
She's pretty difficult not to love.

TONS of pictures were taken.
I don't think any newborn has ever had this many pictures taken.

I sent out pictures to some family and friends who I had been keeping updated.
Everyone was so excited. I had people calling and texting me all day.

I was moved to a postpartum room, and dang it was huge. Which is good.
My day nurse was yet another friend of my moms and she was so nice!

My first official visitors to drive over to see Madden and I were Chelsea and Michelle, two of my close friends.

After that there was a flood of people.
Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Siblings came flood through.
And not only mine!

Justin and Stacy's familes came through.
It was awesome to meet them and see my little girls future family.
Avery wasn't too thrilled at first..haha

Stacy's Mom

Cousin Avery giving Madden Kisses
Stacy's Dad

This is her new cousin who was born a week before Madden was.
They will be best friends :)

It was so nice to have all these people come through.
There was such love in that room.

My last visitors that night was my family.

The kids all just loved and adored her.

Finally, everyone left. Except my mom.
She stayed with me, and for that I am grateful.
I don't do well being alone, and I was a bit worried about being alone with Madden.
Plus, she's my mother. I just wanted her with me.

My night nurse checked in on us as needed. She was another friend of my moms and I could see the emotion in her eyes everytime she came into my room...

I still wasn't tired, even though I had been up since 3 that morning.
So we put Madden in her little roller cradle and walked the floor saying hello to my mom's coworkers and showing off Madden.
Everyone was in shock to see me up and walking. But I felt great and was so sick of being in bed all day.
I got a ton of hugs and people telling me how strong I was.
Also they told me how amazing it was that my labor went so quickly.

Finally, we went back to the room and settled down.
I still wasn't sleepy and it was about 1 am when I finally called my nurse and asked for a sleeping pill.
It took a while, but I finally passed out at about 2.

I slept soundly, and didn't hear my mother with Madden at all.
I guess Madden was fussy all night.
I finally woke up to Madden crying a little as my mom layed her back down after feeding her.
This was at 5 am....

Want the rest of the story? Sorry, that's the next post :)


  1. Oh I love that giant pink bow! So cute! I'm so happy that she will always be surrounded by happy, caring people who love her so much. :)

  2. I know some of the people that I guess are family of the couple. So that's so exciting! So happy for you and everyone.