Sunday, July 17, 2011

Friday, June 17th

"Hannah, go see her."

Such simple words....
but I couldn't gather up the courage to call The Couple and ask to come see Madden.

I walked into the kitchen, and sat down.
I wanted to see Madden so badly.
But I was taking percocet and legally couldn't drive out there to see her.
My mom came out and saw me crying at the counter.
She asked what was up, and I told her my predicament.
I didn't expect her to offer to drive me.
I knew she had a lot going on and that needed to get done that day.
But she insisted.
I also didn't expect for The Couple to text me and ask me if I would like to come watch Madden for a few hours while they went out and did some shopping.

I ran to my room, threw on some loose, comfy clothing and waited for my mom.
I was so excited to see Madden!!!

Being with Madden was just what I needed.
I gave her a bath
Fed her
and just held her in my arms.

She was so peaceful and yet again was my little Chill Baby.

Holding her asleep in my arms, I was finally able to rest peacefully.

Leaving her wasn't as difficult this time.
I was sad to be leaving again, but so overjoyed that I was able to see her.
No tears were shed the rest of the day.
I was content.


  1. Oh yay. :) I'm so glad to hear you're doing better!

  2. you're so lucky to have such a loving family and couple. you're such a wonderful mommy. <3