Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Every day, there is a choice...

...And through the joy, through the pain...
I will rejoice."
-Light by The Rocket Summer

I absolutely love this song. Actually, I love The Rocket Summer! Seeing Bryce Avery in concert was the most amazing experience ever, let me tell you.

I would post a video of the song, but the CD isn't even out yet and the only versions of it are live and difficult to hear :(

This past week has been so crazy.
I'm sick, yet again. It's these dang allergies! The worst part of it is that my nausea meds have seemed to stop working. I've been throwing up again :( It's horrible! Last night I was awake until 4 AM. I just was so sick and couldn't get comfortable at all. Plus the little lady decided at 3 AM was the perfect time to do somersaults and punch my ribs. Silly me, I thought 3 AM was meant for sleeping. Guess I was mistaken. Thank goodness I have my Doctors appointment on Monday and I can ask for some help with the nausea. Also, said doctors appointment will be AWESOME because I'm getting a 3D Ultrasound of my little girl!! AHH! So excited to see her face. Hopefully, she looks more like me than Brandon. I mean lets face it, I'm a pretty attractive lady!! Hahahhaa just kiddin', I just don't want her to look like Brandon since he's a jerkface. Jerkfaces aren't attractive. Nope.

Outside of pregnancy, I'm just doing my best to not drown in my classes with all the last minute projects my professors are throwing at me. For example, Today I turned in a paper for my cinema class that was worth 75% OF MY GRADE. Yeah, that's right. 75%. I also did a presentation today in the same class that was worth 25% of my grade. This teacher lady is insane. I'm so worried about how I did. I was nervous to present, and since I've been sick all week I had a difficult time standing and talking loud enough to be heard. But teacher lady did a lot of smiling and nodding so I'm guessing I did alright. I hope I get a good grade on those two major projects!!!!

School...I loathe you some times.

BUT, you are necessary.

Couple Update:
I meet with the couple I have been emailing on Tuesday! I'm so excited, and I know they are too! They even emailed me on Tuesday saying that they hope school was calming down for me and that they were excited to finally meet me! Ah, excited.

Also, the couple that originally got me interested in adoption...well their adoption fell through. The birthmother decided to keep her little boy after all.
It just breaks my heart. They had the nursery all set up and had clothes and little shoes and stuff...they even got to hold him at the hospital after he was born. 
I know how hard it must be for them..but I also understand why the birthmother decided to keep her little boy. It's such a difficult thing to do... I only pray that somehow I get through this. I know it's going to be hard, but I also know it's going to be worth it to place her with a real family that is going to just spoil her rotten and love her and raise her...all in ways that I just cannot. It's sad...but makes me happy at the same time.

Anyways, I'm probably going to contact this couple too...maybe. I'll talk with Sharon about it Tuesday.
I just don't want to get anyones hopes up only to break their hearts by choosing another couple or having Brandon file the Intent to Parent papers...Luckily he only has 17 more days to file.

Time to get back to studying for Abnormal Psych exam tomorrow. *Le Sigh*....

Have a wonderful evening, dearest reader!


  1. i want pictures of that ultrasound, little missy! i love you!

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