Sunday, June 24, 2012

One Year Later

Well, Madden turned One on Friday of last week. Her family came over, and we went swimming, opened a few gifts, and sang happy birthday. I definitely teared up while we were singing. I'm tearing up now as I write this.

 Madden walks, no runs, everywhere. She knows what sound a dog makes, woof!, and once she sees my dog she crawls up next to him and will bark and cuddle with him as long as she can. Madden is a sweet, loving girl and I am so head over heels for that little girl. She has everyone wrapped around her chubby little fingers. Those blue eyes of hers are intoxicating, and I feel like when she looks at me she knows exactly who I am. She makes me want to be a better person, and she has made me a better person.

Swimming with her was a blast. This little girl loves to play in the water. After swimming we went back to my house where my mom had made some food, and a cake for Madden. After singing Happy Birthday (and tearing up quite a bit), we let Madden have her first cake. She loved it! She attacked it with both hands (while sitting in my lap) and eventually stopped using her hands and just shoved her face in it! Later that night at her grandparents (oh yeah, TWO parties!) she had another cake and just demolished it as well. That night her mom told me she just ran around the house until all that sugar was gone and she collapsed onto the floor. She threw up too. She knows how to party!

This year has been one of the most rewarding, difficult, emotional, and amazing years of my life. I made a beautiful baby girl, hand picked her parents, became super close with her family, grew as a person, watched Madden grow in a loving and wonderful home, went through a depression and came out on top, have two more days of class and then I apply for my Associates Degree in Arts, found amazing part time jobs, met supportive people who are always there for me, and met a man who completes me in every way.

I'm so thankful for this wonderful life I have been given, and the wonderful people who contribute to it. I went through something that is one of the toughest things a person can go through, and I came out a stronger, more loving person than I ever thought was possible for myself. I am incredibly blessed.


  1. Awesome! Happy Birthday to Madden! I'm so glad that all is going well. You are amazing! But you probably know that by now.

  2. happy birthday madden! you two are beautiful.

  3. What a beautiful little girl and what an amazing story!